Hotel Development at Følager

Property Development Project Følager consists of 14,000 sqm divided between a hotel of approximately 12,500 sqm with over 400 rooms and restaurants and a supermarket of approximately 1,500 sqm or solely office space. Følager is located in the area of Ny Ellebjerg station and the hotel gets full exposure to Gammel Køge Landevej, which in the near future is expected to service more than 40,000 cars daily.

Project Følager was recruited together with investor with hotel development in mind. Propreco has been responsible for regulatory treatment such as the preparation of construction applicants and the abolition of conservation. Propreco has also negotiated with hotel, restaurant and supermarket operators. Finally, Propreco changed the project to an office project which enabled sales to the investor.  

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Area: 14.000 m²
Made by: 2017
Status: Sold
Architect: Zeso Architects


Følager - 2500 Valby


14.000 m²

Made by





Zeso Architects