Student accomodation and commercial properties in Valby

In the attractive region, Copenhagen SW and close to Grønttorvet and Valby Sports Park, Propreco delivered a complex planning redefinition from commercial industry to residential, transforming an industrial area into 360 accommodations, primarily for students. The entire zoning plan process from project idea to zoning plan for the area, official approval and rent negotiations has been handled by Propreco. 

The project on the Poppelstykket totals 17,000 sqm, of which 12,000 sqm are student accommodation og 5.000 sqm goes to service industries, shops, cafes and offices et cetera. The project was developed for a private investor in collaboration with Vandkunsten Architects. Propreco assisted the investor in the sale and construction of the entire project to Koncenton A/S with Gråkjær as contractor.

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Area: 17,000 m²
Made by: 2020
Status: Sold
Architect: Vandkunsten Architects
Units: 360 accomodations


Poppelstykket - 2450 København SW


17,000 m²

Made by





Vandkunsten Architects


360 accomodations