The solar park at Lerchenborg

The solar park at Lerchenborg, Northern Europe's largest solar park (at the time of construction) was developed and established by Propreco in 2013-14. The Solar Park in Lerchenborg contains 250,000 solar panels that cover 80 hectares and supplies energy to approximately 15,000 households. With an expected annual output per installed MW panel between 1.025 and 1.100 MWh per year the plant can produce approximately 60,000 MWh a year.

Propreco undertook all negotiations between central administration, Kalundborg Municipality and landowner to obtain the necessary permits within a strict time frame to ensure optimal returns for the investor.


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Area: 80 ha
Made by: 2014
Status: Solgt
Units: 250.000 solcellepaneler


Lerchenborg Solar Park - 4400 Kalundborg


80 ha

Made by





250.000 solcellepaneler